All Black Shades When The Sun Come Threw

Open your mind to the world around you. I must admit, I am quite obsessed with penguins and puffins. #Workaholics #Awesomeness #Sex #Love #boyfriend #fuck #trip #acid

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Basic bitches.. #smh 🙌
This is my boyfriend….. Lol ❤️👌👈😘
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Awesome day on the beach #wildwood #nj #beach
I’m still so in love with this tattoo. Back when I first got it done. Meaning “in harmony with” and “peaceful harmony” #tattoo #harmony #peaceful
#mcm i love you joe 💖 your the best boyfriend ever!
New bag!!! #coach #ImInLove 💜❤️😘👜💲
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My experience with the amazing Molly. (I would really appreciate if someone reads this, reply’s and tells me what they think about what I wrote and what they think about Molly and if you had a similar experience)

27. May 2014

I was always so skeptical of any kind of drug. Always. Even the first time I smoked weed I was just curious. I used to love how weed made me feel and then I stopped smoking for almost 2 years and all I can remember about getting high was the bad things and not the good it made me feel. But the first time I did molly I had a craving for weed. But we my boyfriend and friends we were all drinking having fun and the word of Molly came up. I was a little upset because my boyfriend didn’t tell me that the last rave he went to be did molly. I had no idea what Molly was. I just knew it was another drug that fucked people up. But then I because curious because everyone was telling me how it would make me feel. Then my boyfriend said he kinda wanted to do it again so I said I kinda want to try it. So we did. My whole perception on life was completely changed and it feels amazing!
It gave me so much good energy and made me feel comfortable around everyone. It made me talk about things that I was always scared to bring up. It helped my relationship and made me realize that I need to relax sometime. It helped me to understand everything that was so hard for me to grasp. When I stood up I just wanted to run. It felt better than anything. It was almost like LSD but without the patterns and only lasts about 3-4 hours which is perfect. At first I was worried about the come down but when it came it was a nice come down, not what I expected.
The only downsides are that I smoked a whole pack of cigs and still wanted more and the next day I am just tired most of the day.
But overall It really helped me. As it might sound bad to some people it is a great drug. As long as it isn’t abused. I do think everyone should try it. Like I said, I’m someone who is very skeptical on drugs so for me to say to try it, you definitely should. I would like to start smoking more often like I used to but without getting stoned. I’m so glad I did Molly and can’t wait to do it again. I am craving some weed but I can’t smoke at my house haha and I’ve never driven high. I made an amazing friend with Molly. It really cleared things up for me I life that I really needed.

Rawr 😘✨#selfie